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4 Things that Professionals Check during Plumbing Service Inspections

A plumbing service inspection is not the top priority for many homeowners. Many owners don’t even think of scheduling a plumbing inspection until they start facing issues with the pipes. However, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure; getting the pipes checked before it’s too late is better. You shouldn’t wait for the day when everything goes wrong. If you ask for a plumber to inspect your lines and drains when they are already damaged, the repairing expenses might increase.

Hire a professional plumbing service in Haywards Heath at least once a month and get the plumbing of the whole house inspected. Our plumbers make sure that they check these points whenever they are out for a complete home plumbing inspection.

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What does a complete home plumbing inspection include?

Complete visual inspection

Every plumber’s first thing is to visually inspect every aspect of the lines, pipes, and drainage system in your house. The visual inspection includes checking for leaking pipes, broken or rusted pipes to replace the same immediately. They will check for sanding water and safety traps as well. This will help them make sure that no external damage has been done to the house’s plumbing system.

Drain line and pipe inspection

The professional plumbers generally inspect the main drains and the adjoining drain pipes of the kitchen and bathroom. They will use CCTV cameras to check the insides of t6he drain pipe walls to make sure that the drain is in working condition. While checking the drain, the plumbing services also include checking the water pressure. They generally turn on the pressure gauge and check the water pressure.

Check for proper ventilation process

Professional plumbers will also check the ventilation of the whole house. Sometimes you might face problems of bad odour coming out of the kitchen vents and toilet vents. This results because of something being stuck down there. However, hiring a plumbing service can help you eliminate this problem. They will check the ventilation process and ensure that the same has been cleared for the water to pass.

Inspecting on the gas leaks

Many appliances in a house are related to electricity. For instance, the plumbing inspection includes checking the water heaters, stove and clothing dryer. If they find any electrical problems in the same, they will guide you to an expert electrician for the job. Since the gas lines go into the appliances, a plumber always checks the lines for leaks.

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