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Common Toilet Clogging Problems and Ways to Prevent Them

Clogs and blockage in the toilet are a common plumbing problem which concerns most homeowners. We tend to avoid cleaning the toilets until the problem progresses and become severe. For effective remedial actions, you should hire the expert plumbing service in Haywards Heath for guaranteed services. By correctly identifying the problem areas, you can also prevent the problem of clogging in the future.   

Toilet Clogging

Reasons That Cause Frequent Toilet Clogging

  1. Old generation toilets

Sometimes an old model of the toilet can create problems of clogging frequently. Because of its low flush nature with low water pressure, it does not clean effectively. Hence they are high on water consumption but low on efficiency. So, consider upgrading your toilet to the latest model for better functionality.

  1. Flushing toilet paper

Flushing non-flushable items like toilet paper cause clog inside the toilet. Avoid throwing certain feminine products down the drain. These items take a long time to break down inside the sewer pipes. The accumulation of toilet papers can damage the sewage pipes too. Also, avoid throwing grease down the toilet. It is a leading cause of sewer backup. 

  1. Issues with sewer pipes

The reason behind toilet clogs can lie in the main drain and the sewer pipes. If the drain is old, i6t can be from regular waste gathering or accumulation of non-flushable products. Resolving this problem is possible with help from the specialised plumbers.

  1. Plumbing vent problem

The plumbing vent is usually on the roof, and problems occur when it comes into contact with certain harsh external matters. Over time, the debris, bird’s nest can clog the vents. This blockage reduces the drain flow. To resolve it, you should have proper tools and equipment. 

  1. Pipework

If the pipework in your household toilet system has got old, it can be the reason behind toilet clogging. If the pipework ages, it becomes prone to damage and collapse. Watch out for the sediment backlash. Call the plumber to examine and check it thoroughly. 

Ways to Prevent Toilet Clogging

  • Follow the technique of double flushing. After eliminating the waste, flush the toilet again to remove any clogs. If you throw the tissue down the toilet, two rounds of flushing always help.
  • Trace the growth of roots and plants in your sewer pipeline system. The overgrowth intrudes the water flow inside the pipes and causes clogging. Consult the plumbers for initial inspection and repair.
  • Keep the tanks clear. Avoid placing items like soaps on top of it. If you know them down the bowl accidentally, it can create a blockage.
  • Clean the toilets regularly to prevent blockage. This way, you can notice potential areas of leakage and repair them. The toilet also looks fresh and clean.
  • Avoid harsh chemical toilet cleaners as they can damage the pipework too.
  • Conduct toilet inspections twice every year to keep it functioning properly.

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