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Follow this maintenance checklist for your central heating system

Installing a central heating system is highly beneficial as it keeps the house warm at low temperatures. You should follow a proper maintenance routine to ensure that it functions efficiently for the long run. It also provides other benefits like low fuel usage, minimised electricity bills, and indoor air quality improvement. Opt for professional central heating repair services for better results.

Take a look at this central heating repair and maintenance checklist.

1. Check the thermostat

By checking the centralised heating system’s thermostat, you can genuinely comprehend whether the machine is working or not. When you turn on the thermostat by increasing the temperature, carefully observe if your heating system or furnace is operating. If this does not work, you should immediately realise that something is wrong.

If your heating system shuts down while adjusting the thermostat, it is another indication that the system needs repairing. Replace or recalibrate the thermostat if it is faulty. Alternatively, if the furnace fails to work smoothly, shut down the system to avoid safety hazards.

2. Check the boiler or furnace

Once the system kicks in heating after turning the thermostat, you can feel that the interiors are warming up. However, this is not a definite indicator that the machine is in proper condition.

For proper assurance, look at the pilot light in the boiler and see its colour. The colour should be solid blue emanating from a tight, oval-shaped indicator. If the light changes to yellow or flickers, it indicates that the mix of air and fuel is incorrect. In such situations, only a professional engineer can rectify this problem.  

3. Changing the oil filter

Usually, the experts suggest you change the furnace’s oil filters once every year for the smooth functioning of the central heaters. Before changing the oil filter, switch off the fuel supply. We also recommend you to be careful since, in some models, these filters cannot be replaced. Do not risk damaging the filter if you do not have any knowledge about it. Instead, take help from a professional repair service company to lessen potential damages. 

At R.G.Shed, we offer reliable services for central heating maintenance and repairs in Haywards Heath. During emergencies, we give quick and efficient responses to all customer queries. 

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