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Get a Complete Makeover for Your Bathroom Installation by the Specialists

Like the other parts of your house, the bathroom needs proper care and regular maintenance. The perfect installation of the bathroom will ensure its long life and the highest level of functionality. Being bathroom installation specialist, R. G. Shed often gets calls from the homeowners who need to install a stylish and modern bathroom in their newly built houses.

In some cases, they want to change the look and feel of their old and shabby bathroom to get a stylish one. Thus, they need a specialist for this job and end up giving us the call. We are the specialists of bathroom installation, for the new builds; both in the commercial and residential areas.

What Is Bathroom Installation

From the floors to the sinks and from plumbing to the storage – everything is covered by this service. We install the most stylish and functional bathroom at your new build home or office as per your needs and budget. You can have our professional fitter for this job who has specialised training to execute the work without any fault.

From the initial planning of the bathroom fitting to the flawless installation of all the items inside your bathroom – these experts will leave no stone unturned to offer you a bespoke bathroom.

RG Shed Plumbing and Heating

What Is a Bespoke Bathroom Installation Service

Bespoke bathroom installation means the fitters will offer you a personalised bathroom to meet your specific needs. If you have any disabled adult or a disabled child in your family, then the bathroom will have all the facilities and accessories that are specially designed for them to make their bathroom time easy and convenient.

Besides, the bespoke bathroom will have the right kind of storage, sink, tub and shower to match your bathroom requirements and desires.

Reliable Installation of Plumbing and Heating

RG Shed is a professional and experienced company of plumbing and heating installation specialists. We take pride in offering seamless and insured services to our clients for their commercial and residential bathroom installation jobs. Our experts can install the best quality plumbing and heating systems in your bathroom to make your life safe, smooth and simple.

Why Choose Our Company For Bathroom Installation

  • We have vast experience in the field of bathroom services; both in commercial and the residential properties.
  • We are a certified and insured company; hence, we can provide you with reliable services.
  • We have experts who can take complete care of the plumbing and heating systems of your property.
  • Our team work closely with the clients to understand their specific requirements.
  • Our services can be hired at a competitive price, and the quality is unmatched.

Hence, whenever you need an expert hand for bathroom installation in your commercial or residential property; give RG Shed a call 07831 405477. We will be happy to get involved in your project.

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