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R G Shed – Your Most Trusted Boiler Specialist

R G Shed is a certified and professional boiler specialist offering their reliable services to the local clients across West Sussex. We are in the plumbing and heating business for several years. Our company has gained a reputation in this industry for offering high-quality services at an affordable cost.

As your plumbing and heating specialists, we offer complete support for the boiler system in your house. If you are looking for a trained, trusted and insured boiler specialist in West Sussex and the surrounding areas then we are here for you.

Being a boiler specialist and an experienced plumbing and heating professional, R G Shed offers a wide range of services to meet the diverse requirements of the local clients.

Our Most Reliable Boiler Specialist Services

Boiler Installation

Our experienced boiler engineers can install boilers at your place. We are familiar to work with boilers of all makes and models. Our experts have vast knowledge about all the available brands in the local market, and they can install them with proper care. We have the right tools and apply the best techniques to offer you flawless installation.

Boiler Repairs

Living in a house that has a faulty boiler can be dangerous. It can cause accidents and injuries to you and your family. Hence, it would help if you repaired the defective boiler as soon as possible. Our experts will visit your place to inspect the furnace and then restores the flaws to get back its functionality.

RG Shed Plumbing and Heating

Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

A regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance can enhance the lifespan of your boiler to a great extent. We offer high-class servicing, cleaning and support for your pans to give them new life and better performance. Our experts use the right tools to clean the boilers and maintain their level of functionality.

Boiler Replacement

If you engineers find that your boiler needs replacement instead of repairs, then they will suggest you the same. We have thorough knowledge about all the parts of boilers and can fix them or replace them as per the demand of the situation. If you need to replace your old furnace and wish to install a new one, then R G Shed is the right place to knock.

How Do Our Boiler Specialist Work

Once you give us a call and book an appointment with our expert engineers, they will pay a visit to your house. Then they inspect the boiler to check the issues. Once, they find out the problem and take the necessary steps to get rid of them as soon as possible. In case your house needs a new boiler, then we will suggest the replacement. If the experts find that repairing will be a better option, then we will go for the same.

Why Choose Our Boiler Specialist Service

  1. Follow a simple yet effective procedure of working
  2. Experts are certified and have vast professional knowledge
  3. Offer fully insured services for all our clients
  4. Have in-depth knowledge about the boiler and the heating system
  5. The dedicated and friendly team
  6. Competitive rates for all our services

For more information, please get in touch with us 07831 405 477.

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