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Things to Know While Choosing the Perfect Boiler

When the days start getting colder at the onset of winter, and the temperature falls then it is the time to inspect your boiler. We use a boiler to generate steam or hot water to heat your home. They use electricity, oil, natural gas, wood, or propane to produce the heat and the equipment used in the process include baseboard convectors, radiators, fan-forced coils, and radiant floors. If the boiler is in use for many years now, then the requirement for repairs might arise. Then we inspect it if all the parts of the boiler are working correctly or there is a need for replacing any.

You can avail an annual maintenance package from a reputed provider of boiler services. One can go for a new one as well for more efficient performance. In precise terms, a well-maintained boiler will help in minimising the energy bills to a great extent.

If the idea is all about replacing the boiler, then there are two key consideration to be taken into account. They are as follows,

  • Size
  • Efficiency

Which Is The Appropriate Size of the Boiler?

The capacity of the boiler is measured in British Thermal Unit (BTU).  This refers to the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one-pound water by one degree Fahrenheit. Each building has its own specific BTU requirement. It depends on certain specifics, such as climate and geographical location, amount and quality of insulation in the walls and the ceilings and the total numbers of doors and windows in the building.

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How Efficient Should It Be?

The annual fuel utilisation efficiency (AFUE) rating is an essential factor for checking efficiency. This rating denotes the level of competence of the unit to convert fuel into heating energy.

If the AFUE rating tends to be 85 per cent or more, then the boiler is undoubtedly a highly efficient one. A new oil boiler generally bears a score of 80-90 per cent. The ones that use gas have a rating between 89-98 per cent. The electric boilers are the most efficient one, often bearing a score of 100 per cent.

The mode to vent the equipment is another crucial factor. There are the ones that naturally exhaust through the chimney; ones with power and direct vent ones having fans to drain through a vent in the side-wall or the roof. If it is a condensing boiler, then it will have a specialised venting option to exhaust the acidic elements in the condensate produced by it.

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