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Top 6 Reasons You Might Face a Water Leakage Issue

It is indispensable to have a stout plumbing system to prevent the issue of water leakage hampering your day-to-day affair. Leaking pipes is one of the most prevalent problems, but having one of the most efficient local plumbers will solve the ordeal to some extent.  Here are the most typical causes that might give rise to an annoying leakage problem and a few tips to handle the situation effectively.

6 Primary Causes Leading to Water Leakage Problems

Poor Construction and Installation Procedures

The soil must be put in a compact form as you start with the construction of your home.  Otherwise, there are chances that you will suffer movement in foundation and soil settling. The worse consequence to this tends to be cracks and breakages in pipes and which eventually leads to leakages. In case the plumbing system is not installed correctly then also it might lead to leaks to worsen the situation. It is better that you hire a licensed plumber for the installation of all fixtures and appliances at home.

Roots Intruding into Sewer Lines

A lot of indoor and outdoor pipes remain buried under the ground, and there are chances that roots of trees in nearness to the sewer line might intrude into your plumbing system. They often damage the joints of the pipes, and in the course, the system collapses badly. So, it is better that you be careful about not planting any tree over sewer lines or near to them.

Frozen Pipes

During cold climate, your pipes freeze often and sometimes remain covered in icicles. If you don’t opt for the right option to thaw it then at some point the pipes might burst, and the entire house might get over flooded. You can use devices like a blow dryer to melt the ice but if it seems to be a critical affair then avail plumbing services from a reputed contractor.

Leaks in the Fixtures and the Furniture

There are several instances of leaked and damaged faucets, toiler base, taps, and so on. The regular appliances might be in damaged condition as well. So, it is wise to check the appliance from behind where the hose remains attached.  Check if there is any wear and tear or other damages in them. Always opt for steel braided hoses as they are more durable than the standard rubber hose.

Corrosion in Pipes

The pipes gradually experience wear and tear over time, and this leads to leakages. The tubes made of steel and copper are prone to rust, and the corrosion causes them to leak.  A proper maintenance schedule should be followed to check for the corrosions and other form of wear and tears in the pipes and other fixtures and appliances.

Damages in Seals and Joints of Pipes

The plumbing system mostly comprises joints and curved corners. With years use these joints tend to get loosened, and the seals also become prone to damages. Thus, water starts flowing out from the weak area. It would help if you did not use the plumbing gadgets ruthlessly. Do not on and off the taps frequently or blasting hot water from the valve. These will surely keep your pipe joints in good shape for an extended period.

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